Racism is still alive and well in the technology minefield that is the present day

Cyber racism starts from extremist groups on social media and websites, to collective racism when an actor gets cast in a role normally played by someone of a different race. Racial offence may not seem as common these days, yet it is undoubtedly still an issue.

Many studies have concluded that racism is more common on social media and general online platforms purely because of anonymity. The idea of ‘hiding behind a screen’ empowers people, particularly young people, and leaves them with an opinion that they can get away with discrimination.

The biggest prevalence of online racism stands right before our eyes, whilst supremacist groups lay low, social media enforces everyday racism all over the board. Citing a particular case study, Barack Obama’s political fight to become president almost a decade ago. The soon-to-be one of the most admired families in the world, the Obama’s were succumbed to much discrimination and disbelief from the voting free world. The fact taken from this is that this discriminating behaviour was triggered by the media with news stories, feeding these ideas to Americans.

Not only did social media generate and add to the sheer volume of racism, it also became a platform to project and share racism further all over the world. Generating it as a direct cause.

With measures being taken to solve the online racism issue, it needs to be understood that what may seem like a subtle comment, is in fact racism and could seriously be hurting someone, no matter what your race is. Racism is not subjective, it is a prejudice against someone because of their race.

With social media’s popularity not showing any signs of faltering, will this issue ever be solved? What steps can be taken to ensure there is a right punishment for this behaviour?

All can be revealed in SUPREMACIST. 

By Amanda Elliott


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